[29] Why you Should Keep the Day Job… for Now

Copy of Copy of Copy of The Create & Thrive Podcast - Episode 25

The question of ‘should I quit my day job?’ is not an uncommon one.

Answering this question is a tad tricky as there are variables, and the answer will be different for different people.

However, there are three points that are key to remember as you ponder this.

One, there is no rush! Don’t just quit rashly and end up regretting it.

Two, you can hold a day job and run a successful business.

And three, perhaps most important, do not compare yourself to anyone else! You can be a successful handmade business owner AND hold down a day job – the two are not mutually exclusive.

In this episode I cover a number of key points that you need to consider before you chuck in the day job.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Ep 26 quote - sonia mcmanus

Quotes and highlights from this Episode:

  • Building a business is not going to happen overnight.
  • It takes time to develop a business.  You must work hard and be dedicated.  The growth will happen over time.
  • Set goals for yourself.  Allow wanting to quit your day job be the driving force behind the energy you put into your business.
  • We all have life essentials, such as food, rent/mortgage, and medical expenses and those MUST get taken care of.  Having a job to provide is something we all must do.
  • You don’t need to go the all or nothing route.  Think in steps.
  • Can you switch your day job from full-time to part-time?
  • You don’t know if a business will be a success until you try it.
  • Having your day job during these early stages offers support.
  • Consider if you even want to run your business full-time.
  • There is nothing wrong with having multiple sources of income.
  • ‘Success is whatever it means to you, there is no right or wrong here.’ {Jess}
  • Having a day job also allows you the opportunity for your business to gain momentum.
  • Again, things take time to grow.
  • Grow a customer base before you dive in completely.
  • Also, you absolutely must build a safety net in the form of a savings account.
  • Have at least 3-6 months of expenses saved and stored in an account you can’t be tempted to touch.
  • Consider Parkinson’s Law, ‘work expands so as to fill the time available.’
  • If you do your business say in the two hours after your day job, you will be ultra focused to get your work done.
  • If you quit your day job and have all the time, you may lose productivity.
  • Ultimately, do what is best for you!
  • But be smart, consider if your business can support you, do you have a back up line, what is your safety net?

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Join the Thriver Circle Now – Membership Open

Join the Thriver Circle Now

Hey Thriver,

It’s time!

I’ve opened the doors of the Thriver Circle to new members for the final time in 2015. 


Are you joining us?


Who are we?


Our members are jewellers, ceramicists, knitters, artists, designers, paper-cutters – we span dozens of different creative media.

There are Circle members from Australia, NZ, America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Singapore… we are a global community of creatives who are focused on making our passions into a thriving business – and we believe in supporting each other to reach our goals.

No matter where you live, no matter where you are in your business journey – we’re right there with you, whenever you need us.


What are the benefits of joining the Circle?


>> A private, active, positive community forum – withover 200 fellow creatives who are already there to help you and keep you accountable (and you get direct access to me, too). It’s a safe, supportive space to share your concerns, questions, and successes!

>> One exclusive workshop from me every month, covering topics like pricing, selling online, marketing, social media, photography, time management, finding your ideal customer… and more. Oh, and you can request workshops, too. These are not available anywhere else. (There are already 10 workshops inside the Circle, waiting for you as soon as you sign up!)

>> A monthly call with me, during which up to 2 members of the Circle get 30 minutes of one-on-one time with me in a Business Intensive + there is a Q&A session at the end.

>> Twice-monthly live chats in the FB group – focused on helping you grow your business, and specifically, on that month’s workshop topic.

>> Exclusive access to our Handmade Biz Bootcamp in January! Only Thriver Circle Members will have access to this program.

>> Early notification + a member’s discount whenever I launch a course or program. 


These are just some of the benefits you get from being part of the Circle… you can find out all the details of these benefits and  more here.

It’s an enormous amount of value for a very small cost, and I’m adding more value to the Circle every month.


If you want to join us in the Circle, don’t wait…


Membership is only open 4 times a year, for 48 hours at a time. The next intake isn’t until 2016, and this membership intake will close on Thursday the 29th of October, 10am Australian EST.


What’s my investment?


Membership is only $15 AUD per month, paid via paypal subscription. You can cancel any time – there are no lock-in contracts, no big up-front cost.

If you’re not already convinced that the Circle is for you… try it out for a month for the price of a good magazine and a cup of coffee and find out for sure.

My goal is for you to be learning what you need to in order to turn that small $15 a month investment in to hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars a month income from your business.

You can join us here, or find out more.

Jess x

P.S. Leave a comment if you have any questions!

P.P.S. Please don’t hesitate if you want to join. I’m only holding the doors open for 48 hours…

Handmade Biz Bootcamp 2016

Biz Bootcamp

So, I’m doing something rather fun in January – a 21-day bootcamp exclusively for the members of the Thriver Circle!

We’re going to work together to kick 2016 off with a bang, and set up you up for your best year in biz yet.

This bootcamp is focused on the things YOU need to do – as a handmade business owner – to ensure you’re ready to tackle a new year with clarity and focus.


The Biz Bootcamp will start on Monday, Jan 11th.

The Bootcamp is ONLY available to Thriver Circle members. And yes – it is at absolutely no extra cost above and beyond your small monthly membership fee. If you want to join us for the Bootcamp, make sure you join the Circle – there is no other way to participate.


What Will It Look Like?

For the 21 days of the Bootcamp, there will be a daily lesson/activity for you to complete, and we will, of course, be discussing each one in the Circle FB Forum, so we can take advantage of the amazing support and advice we have for each other.

There will be:

  • An intro video from me at the start of each of the 3 weeks of the program – which I’ll email out to you.
  • A daily lesson on the TC site (visible to members only).
  • A daily prompt in the FB group for us to use to discuss that day’s lesson/activity.


What Will It Cover?

There will be 3 main themes over the 3 weeks of the bootcamp.

  • You will get clear on what your business is going to look like in 2016.
  • You will do your goal setting and time management plans for the year ahead.
  • You will create a marketing plan for 2016.

By the end of the bootcamp, you will have a crystal-clear idea of what 2016 holds for your business, and how you’re going to get there.


How to Participate

If you’re already a member of the Circle… you don’t need to do anything except maintain your membership and look forward to January!

If you’re not already a member… you must join us in order to take part.

Membership is only open 4 times a year, for 48 hours at a time. To see if membership is open now, visit this page. (It’s open this week – Oct 27-28 Aussie time!)

If it’s not, make sure to subscribe to the email list here and you’ll be notified when membership opens – as well as gaining access to my free Handmade Biz Toolkit.

I hope you’re looking forward to this as much as I am!

Jess x

[28] Sonia Lyne Wants Us All in Stiches

Copy of Copy of Copy of The Create & Thrive Podcast - Episode 25

Sonia Lyne is simultaneously an inspiration and a great case study for us all!

She has worked hard (and travelled far) to find her passion.

Sonia has opened herself to new challenges, new opportunities – and does it all with a seemingly endless supply of positivity.

If you need a kick in the butt to make the changes you want for your life and business, then this episode is for you!

Copy of Copy of Ep 26 quote - sonia mcmanus

Quotes and highlights from this Episode:

  • Sonia Lyne is the creative genius behind Dandelyne.
  • Her creative journey has been a long one, and intercontinental.
  • She started as a private school teacher, and was told you just don’t make it as a crafter.
  • After university Sonia travelled the world where her eyes were opened.  She came to realize there was a world of opportunities.
  • Sonia went to fashion school and worked in London, came back to Australia, started a family and had a lightning bulb moment when she brought out an old hobby, hand stitching.
  • Sonia had found her calling in embroidery.  Her business had begun.
  • She has created a community and shares other people’s work on her hoops.
  • ‘I’m still learning, we all still are.’ {Sonia}
  • Don’t be afraid to put a value on your time.  ‘Value every single element of what you do.’ {Sonia}
  • You CAN love what you do.
  • If you’re happy, then that’s the biggest thing.
  • Be passionate about what you do!
  • ‘What makes you buzz RIGHT NOW.’ {Sonia}
  • Don’t focus on the negative.  Find ways to highlight the positive.  Celebrate yourself!
  • Sonia is the ’embroidery motivator.’  She will ‘get everyone in stitches.’ {Sonia}
  • Balancing your work with your personal life is important.
  • Take time for family everyday.  Take a day off!
  • And when you work, work hard.
  • ‘You can’t NOT work hard.’ {Sonia}
  • Share what you do!  Make yourself and your craft accessible, be inspirational.
  • And then ‘kick yourself to get out, go get coffee, have a conversation!’ {Sonia}
  • ‘If you don’t try, you’re 100% going to fail.’ {Jess}
  • You can find Sonia at her website or Instagram.


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4 Steps to a More Compelling Product Description or Blog Post




4 Steps to a More Compelling Product Description or Blog Post

Whether you’re writing for a blog post or a product description, connecting with your audience is vital.

Do you have something important to share that you want your reader to relate to? Do you want them to trust in the information you are giving them? Do you have a great product that you want someone to imagine owning?

Yes – but how do you do that?

The good news is if they start reading your blog post or product description the hard part is done. Your reader is already interested. Now you just have to keep them reading.

Some super simple changes to your writing can connect you to your reader and get your message across.


1. Keep it simple

Everyone is busy. Save them time.

We’re writing for a purpose. You’re not trying to impress – you’re writing to communicate. So you need to get your message to them quickly. Keep to one idea each sentence. Don’t clutter your piece with unnecessary or complicated words.

Use short paragraphs, short sentences and short words. Your message will flow better and be easier to read. Your writing will be so much simpler for your reader if there are no extra words to get in the way. And you’re writing for them. Right?

How about trying some sub headings so they can find what they are looking for quickly? Or, if you have something you don’t want your reader to miss, add a bolded sentence to give it emphasis.


2. Have a conversation

Be yourself!

Don’t try to sound like someone else when you are writing. Ask yourself if you would say what you have written in a conversation. If not, change it to something you would be comfortable saying to a friend.

How you write is how you will be perceived. It is your opportunity to really connect with someone who is already interested in what you are about. Don’t scare them away now!

If you write stiffly, that is how you will appear. If you appear uneasy, that is what you are in your reader’s mind. You have an important message. Remember what your message is. Take a breath. Then be clear about that idea and tell your friends about it.


3. Mix it up

Variety is the spice of life.

No one keeps reading if they are bored. If your message is exciting but your structure is blah, your reader won’t be interested. But there are simple techniques you can use to keep your reader engaged.

Vary your sentence length to keep your reader attentive. Include one short sentence. Then change the rhythm by adding a long sentence to mix it up a bit. Then use a partial sentence. You’re not writing a piece literature so breaking the rules of “proper writing” is ok. We don’t talk like Mrs Dalloway, so we shouldn’t write like that either.

Use a dash every now and then. Break up your message – provide a point of difference.


4. Make it about them

Focus on your reader.

Keep your reader in mind whenever you are writing. Make your message compelling. Speak directly to them and make it personal. Involve them in what you’re saying.

How does your message relate to your reader? How will your product make them feel? Remember that the reason you’re writing to your audience is to give them something. What is that something?

When you’ve finished writing, read it through. How many times do you say “you”, and how many times do you say “I”. The “you’s” should far outweigh the “I’s”. If they don’t, think about your message. Are you giving them something or providing a lecture?

Make these simple changes to your writing and you will stand out from the crowd. But more importantly, you’ll involve your reader in your story. It is about them after all.

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