#CTMonthInTheLife Starts Tomorrow!




starts tomorrow


#CTMonthInTheLife kicks off on Friday the 1st of August… that’s tomorrow!

If you don’t know what it is, go read this first… then come back here.

Right, onwards!

To participate:

1. Share the image below on your Instagram feed if you haven’t already. (And why not share it on FB to your Page… and on Pinterest or Twitter, too? Get your friends playing!).

CTMonthInTheLife Shareable

2. Follow @CreateAndThrive on Instagram. I’ll be posting each day’s prompt to the feed to remind you to take your photo!

3. Post your response to each day’s prompt on your IG feed (and some folks are creating a #CTMonthInTheLife Pin board, too).

4. Make SURE to tag every challenge image @CreateAndThrive AND #CTMonthInTheLife – I’ll be choosing my 4 faves and re-posting them to the C&T IG feed each day.

The aim of this challenge is to get you sharing the story of your business in a fun way! Not only that, if you do every challenge, you’ll have a fabulous bank of photos to use to market your biz and share on your other social media and website/blog.

I hope you’ll be joining us! I’ll be playing along on my Instagram jewellery business account (@Epheriell) too!

4 Ways to Share Someone Else’s Instagram Post on your own Instagram Feed (or Elsewhere!)





4 ways instagram share

A few of the @CreateandThrive followers who are new to IG commented that they didn’t know how to share someone else’s Instagram post, because Instagram doesn’t have an inbuilt share function.

This post is for you! I’ve got a list of 4 different ways you can quickly and easily share someone else’s Instagram post – on your phone OR on your computer.

First – a bit of Instagram etiquette. NEVER regram someone’s image without crediting them. Just put something like ‘#regram from @createandthrive’ in your caption. Also, make sure to read the person’s bio before you regram their image – some photographers, for example, ask that people don’t do this with their images. Most people, however, are happy and flattered when you choose to regram their images, especially in the business world.



I listed this one in my ‘12 Favourite Instagram Apps‘ post. InstaGetter is an app that’s available on Android. I have no doubt that there is a comparable app for Apple (if you know of one, please tell us in the comments!).

It’s easy – on the Instagram post, just tap the three little dots in the bottom corner, and it’ll give you a ‘share link’. You paste this into InstaGetter, and it downloads the image to your phone.

This way, you can regram a nice clean image AND you can make edits to it if you like (such as adding a hashtag or the @mention of the person you regrammed from). 


Take a Screenshot

Another quick and easy way to share on your phone. Just take a screenshot while the post you want to share is visible. Then, use the screenshot image and crop it in Instagram.


Use a Regram App

There are, of course, a number of ‘Regram Apps’ out there – apps that actually let you just repost someone else’s post to your account.

However, they usually have some sort of border/overlay on the free versions, which is why I don’t like using them. But, for quick and easy, they’ll do the trick. There are stacks of them, just search ‘regram’ or ‘share instagram’ on the Play Store or Apple Store.


Save from Iconosquare (Update, this is no longer free.)

Now, if you’re on your computer and you want to save an Instagram image – either your own or someone else’s – to share on Pinterest, Facebook, your blog or elsewhere, this is the perfect solution.

Iconosquare (formerly Statigram) allows you to save/download Instagram images. It also has a lot of other cool features, but that’s the one we’re worried about here. Just head over to the site, search for the user you want to save an image from. Easy as pie!

You can’t post to Instagram from Iconosquare though – so if you save a photo and want to Instagram it, you’ll need to transfer it to your phone or tablet. I use Dropbox a LOT to do this – easily have access to files across all my devices without annoying cables! (Of course, you could always access Iconosquare on your phone and save it that way!)


So there you have it – 4 quick and easy ways to share and save Instagram posts.


P.S. Are you a member of the Thriver Circle – my online community for makers? I have a 45 minute video workshop about Instagram where I teach you a range of strategies to grow your following, your community, and give you advice on how to make your feed look superb. If you’re not a member, you can join right now for just $15.



Success Stories ~ Hushed Commotion

Thea small success

Thea of Hushed Commotion

I get so excited when I find a maker whose work makes my jaw drop and Thea of Hushed Commotion did just that to me. She makes truly breathtaking bridal accessories and her website shows how vital photography is to selling your product. Today she’s sharing her story and lots of wisdom with you! I know you’re going to love this interview.

Can you take us on the journey of your creative career path so far?

I started my bridal line with the goal to create detailed pieces that are elegant and have a bit of a vintage vibe while still fitting into the modern day brides vision. I value the hand made process immensely. Every piece is hand made here in NY. I grew up in a family that valued the artisan, and I am a big believer in encouraging the world to find their way back to supporting the artisans of this world and the craft that is involved in creating beautiful pieces of wearable art.

When I graduated Pratt in fashion design, I immediately delved into the Women’s Wear industry, and I loved it – but evening wear and bridal was always a special interest of mine. I was working with the company Saja and around 2009 they embarked on a bridal line…which I got to experience and learn from first hand. Over the next 4 years I grew with them and learned tremendously from them about brides, the blogs, the industry and how to be a bridal designer who “marches to your own drum”. Around 2012 I started my Hushed Commotion line on the side and was selling my accessories at their flagship NY store. I valued the time and my work with them tremendously, but in 2013 it became apparent that it was time for me to delve into Hushed Commotion full time, so I took the plunge! It has been a lot of hard work, but tremendously rewarding.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve overcome so far in your business?

Really digging deep into the accounting and business side has been harder than I would have thought. I have a solid head on my shoulders and I worked in the business part of another company, but there is just so much to keep track of! I sometimes want to start a blog just dedicated to women entrepreneurs and things to watch out for, a lot of it is simple and easy – but finding out or even simply knowing about what to do when is the hard part.

gold floral wreath hushed commotion

Callan – golden flower crown

What has been the biggest ‘fist-pump’/successful moment for you so far?

This year has been pretty amazing, the Etsy featured shop moment was pretty huge and such an honor. I also got my first celebrity client this year! The celebrity thing is mostly an honor because I know they have sooooo much available to them at their finger tips and it is amazing that they chose me!

Do you ever have doubts as to your future creative direction? Are there things you yearn to achieve, but haven’t yet found the time for?

Each time I start the collection for a new season I worry that I am not going to have enough ideas! But then I get started and the materials speak to me, and then I go out in NYC and see exhibits and it all flows out of me – I love it, so once I get on a roll I remember all over again why I do this. There are always things I think about for the future of the business and many people ask me about doing a “regular” collection, but I really love bridal and the time and care the brides spend on their accessories. I wish I had more time to take more specialized design classes to hone my craft and learn new skills.

blusher veil with gold detail hushed commotion side

Campbell Blusher – soft blusher veil

Are there times when your creativity and inspiration seem to disappear? How do you handle that?

Indeed! As mentioned in the above question, every designer worry’s that they are going to “tap out”. However, as long as you are still inspired by your clients you will be ok. I find a lot of the time that working on custom pieces helps me grow as a designer, the bride is directly conveying what she yearns for and it always gives me ideas. Additionally, living in NY is such a blessing, so much to see and do to keep the creative juices flowing!

How do you balance your work with the rest of your life ~ what does a typical day in your life look like?

Balance is hard! Especially this year with things growing so much and my bigger studio space – that is IN my apartment! I really try to section of days for certain things – like only seeing clients in the studio on certain days so that on other days I can focus with out distractions. I also really try to not work on Sundays. Take one day to put it all aside! One part of being a designer is that once you get inspired by something it is hard to put it down. I am getting married this year, so I have been trying to break up my work week by channeling that creative drive into my own wedding stuff!

gold pearl vintage belt hushed commotion detail

Ava Belt/Hair Piece

What has been the best marketing move you’ve ever made for your own business?

Amazing pictures! In this incredibly digital driven world we live in, a good image is worth a thousand bucks. People will pin it, people will instagram it, people will stay on your website longer, people will see you work for the beauty that it is.

What is one piece of advice you’d like to give fellow makers about running a successful creative business?

Take your time and keep your brand cohesive. Don’t try to go in too many directions all at once. One great item can launch a career.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

That question is especially hard for me this year, so much is changing with the business and with my personal life (yay wedding!). I think most importantly I would love to still love what I do and be inspired by it. I want to be able to travel and see the world, and I want to be able to start a family. I want to hire fellow entrepreneurs in the US so that I can create more beautiful items for all the deserving brides out there.

avril 1

Avril – 20’s era hair piece

You can also find Thea online at:

Instagram: @hushedcommotion

Monday Viewing: Neil Gaiman – Keynote Address 2012

Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012 from The University of the Arts (Phl) on Vimeo.


If you’ve never seen this video, you’ve definitely seen quotes from it floating around the internet. It’s become something of a legend in creative circles. You might have heard it called the ‘Make Good Art’ speech.

Here’s one of my favourite parts, which I think will probably ring true to anyone making a go at actually making money via their creativity:

“The first problem of any kind of even limited success is the unshakable conviction that you are getting away with something, and that any moment now they will discover you. It’s Imposter Syndrome, something my wife Amanda christened the Fraud Police.

In my case, I was convinced that there would be a knock on the door, and a man with a clipboard (I don’t know why he carried a clipboard, in my head, but he did) would be there, to tell me it was all over, and they had caught up with me, and now I would have to go and get a real job, one that didn’t consist of making things up and writing them down, and reading books I wanted to read. And then I would go away quietly and get the kind of job where you don’t have to make things up any more.”

And another:

“People keep working, in a freelance world, and more and more of today’s world is freelance, because their work is good, and because they are easy to get along with, and because they deliver the work on time. And you don’t even need all three. Two out of three is fine. People will tolerate how unpleasant you are if your work is good and you deliver it on time. They’ll forgive the lateness of the work if it’s good, and if they like you. And you don’t have to be as good as the others if you’re on time and it’s always a pleasure to hear from you.”

This whole speech is littered with gems to ponder. Watch and listen carefully…

~ Jess

Life is sometimes hard. Things go wrong, (1)

C&T Recommended Reads – Week 30, 2014

recommended reading week 30

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