10 Quick Social Media Marketing Tips

10 quick social media marketing tips

I’ve been using social media (predominately Twitter & Facebook – and more recently Instagram & Pinterest) since 2008 to grow my business.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that without social media, there is no way I would have been able to make the leap from hobby to business, and now be living my dream of working for myself full-time from home.

Social media has allowed me to spend time – not money – marketing and building my business.

For those of us who are going it alone, saving money wherever we can is vital. We don’t have big advertising budgets. Heck, we might not have any advertising budget at all.

But you can’t create a successful business using a ‘build it and they will come’ mentality. You have to market it. You have to get the word out. Repeatedly. Daily. With gusto!

Today, I want to share 10 quick tips on how to successfully use social media to market your creative online business. These are tried-and-true steps that have worked for me, and many other people.


1. Start with one and enjoy it

There are so many different social media out there. It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you’re just starting out. Don’t try to do it all at once! Sign up to a number of different social media sites and try them out, and then focus on the one you enjoy the most to begin with. You can spend time building your community on the other ones down the track.


2. Be consistent

The point of social media is to build trust and relationships with your customers. Keeping that in mind, they’re going to get to know you a lot better if you’re a constant presence. For example, when my online friends think about buying some silver jewellery, I want them to think of me! We like buying from friends, and social media allows us to build friendships all over the world. But the internet is a fickle place, where you’re soon forgotten if you don’t stay in the game.


3. You can share your products… but in moderation

When they’re just starting out, a lot of people make the mistake of *just* sharing their products. I can tell you now, no-one is going to pay any attention, because no-one likes being ‘sold to’. Of course you can share your work, but it should be a small proportion of what you talk about. Be a real person, not a spam-bot.


4. Share other people’s work

One of the most wonderful things about the craft community is the support we give each other. Help your fellow crafters out! Share their work on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest… It’s a great way to build relationships with people, we’re all appreciative when someone shows an interest in our work. Can you see the common thread here? Yep, it’s all about the relationships.


5. Limit yourself

It is very, very easy to get sucked into the social media vortex. If you know you have work to do, but you keep getting distracted, use a timer and limit yourself. Or, set aside time twice a day to catch up. Don’t let it get in the way of doing your actual work!


6. Set up a schedule

This pairs up with number 5 – if you’re busy, spend a bit of time up-front to plan out your week, and the things you’d like to share on social media. That little bit of time spent planning will ensure you don’t forget to share important things with your followers.


7. Use Buffer

Another thing we sometimes tend to do is ‘flood’ our followers. We find ourselves with either a spare chunk of time, or we suddenly realise we need to share that new sale, and the giveaway on our blog, and a guest post… and we send it all out at once.

A good way to avoid doing this is to write down a schedule, as above, or use an app like Buffer. This allows you to plug in all of your tweets at once (or Facebook or G+ posts), while you think of them, and it does the job of sending them out throughout the day (and night, don’t forget, online business is a 24-hour world!) for you!


8. Don’t limit yourself to your niche

Don’t hesitate to build connections to people outside of your niche! Sure, for some of us, other crafters are our target market, but I’d reckon that for most of us our target market is much broader than that. The broader your network, the more chances you have to connect with people who will love (and want to buy) what we make.


9. Be yourself

The days of impersonal business are behind us – especially in the crafty scene. Let your personality shine through – don’t be afraid to talk about your life as well as your work. People want to connect with other people, not brands.


10. Have fun!

Social media is just that – a way for us to connect and be sociable! If you, like me, work from home, it can get a bit isolating.


Social media is a tool for business, sure, but it’s also a way for us to make friends, connect with colleagues, and just have a bit of fun!

While keeping in mind that everything you say reflects on your business, don’t be afraid to relax and enjoy connecting with other people. Your sanity will thank you.


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{MotiBright} Nothing Will Work Unless You Do ~ Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou
“Nothing will work unless you do.” ~ Maya Angelou

If you want to run your own business, you need to be prepared to work harder than you’ve ever worked before.

There are no paid sick days or vacation days. There are no benefits. There are no free cars/free gyms/free coffee/free pencils.

There is no salary.

Every single dollar you earn will be directly proportional to the work you put into your business.

When you work, you earn money. When you don’t work, you don’t.

You’ll need to plan for downtime and holidays. Make sure you earn enough during your ‘on’ time to fund your ‘off’ time.

To make your business a success, you need to work for it.

Are you a self-starter? Do you chafe at authority – someone telling you what to do, how to spend your time?

Do you dream of waking up every day knowing that YOU are in complete control of your workday – that you can choose to do whatever you want to do?

Do you realise that it’s up to you to bring in dollars, to manage your time and your workflow intelligently in order to put food on the table and keep the lights turned on?

Does the thought of it ALL BEING UP TO YOU fill you with a thrilling joy?

Or does it fill you with a yawning horror?

If it’s the former – awesome. You’re in the right place. You KNOW you need to work your ass off, but you also know that you’ll never be happier than you will be when you wake up and know that it’s all up to you, baby.

If it’s the latter… maybe you’re not ready yet. Maybe you never will be. Some people are more suited to having a job – to letting someone else sit at the steering wheel. There is nothing wrong with this. We can’t all be the same, or the world would implode.

You need to be honest with yourself.

You’re here because you love to create. There’s something you love to make, and you’ve reached the point where you’ve decided that you’d like to start SELLING what you love to make, too.

But do you REALLY, truly, want to make this thing your full-time work? Will that kill it for you? Or can you imagine nothing better than making a living selling what you make?

Because the work of making – the actual creative part? Once you get serious about making money from it, you need to realise that most of your time – especially in the first few years (yes, YEARS) while you’re establishing your business – will NOT be spent on this creative work.

Most of your time will be spent on the business side of your business. The marketing, the blogging, the social media, the emails, the photographing/listing/writing descriptions, the prepping for markets, the tweaking your branding… the business of business.

If you truly want to make a full-time living from selling what you make, that you need to not only love making things… you need to love learning about the art and science of selling them.

I’m passionate about both. I love to create jewellery AND I love learning about business.

If you hate learning about business, you will find it exceedingly difficult to create a successful one.

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I’m sorry if this is hard to read. I truly am. I am not in the business of crushing dreams.

However, I AM in the business of telling you the truth. Of being realistic.

Dreams are not enough. You need to be prepared to put in the work – the work of learning how to run a business. And then DOING it – day in, day out.

Crafting a successful business can be HARD, HARD work. It can also be incredibly, ridiculously rewarding and uplifting (sometimes in the very same hour).

You need to truly believe in yourself, deep down in your bones.

You need to be truly devoted to learning and growing and evolving your business every single day.

Because your business will never work unless you work on it.

Create & Thrive : Sunday Reading {Week 43, 2013}

C&T Recommended Reading Week 43 2013

Hey there, Thriver. Are you having an ace weekend? I hope so.

Here’s some food for thought to make it even better. Catch you tomorrow!

My fave reads this week:


Why Sunday? Well, Sunday is not only the end of the week, it’s also the day where many of us have the most free time to catch up on news and other informational goodness without having to rush off to work. Think of this as your weekly Sunday paper… especially for creative, inquisitive, & entrepreneurial souls.

Remember, you’re welcome to share your fave reads of the week in the comments, too.

C&T Reviews: Build Your Visual Marketing Mojo by Karen Gunton



{A note from Jess: There are a phenomenal amount of useful and informative books/ebooks/courses out there – so how do you choose which ones are right for you? Megan & I decided to start a monthly review series here on the blog where we share our favourites with you. If you know of a great book or info product out there that you think we should take a look at, make sure to contact us and let us know about it! Now, on to the review, take it away, Megan…}


Our good friend Karen Gunton of build a little biz just created an amazing e-book that is the culmination of her passionate drive to help creative business owners harness the power of visual marketing.

We’re a visual culture and nowadays an image says much more than a thousand words.

Images get shared more on Facebook, images express your brand to someone at a glance, and image turn lookers into buyers.

So why not use that to your advantage?  With Karen’s book you can Build Your Visual Marketing Mojo.


Build Your Visual Marketing Mojo (This site/resource is no longer available)


By: Karen Gunton

Famous for: Build a Little Biz (This site/resource is no longer available) and a wealth of e-books on marketing and branding

What It Includes:

  • 52-page e-book
  • Tons of brainstorming assignments
  • A brand style guide
  • A strategy guide
  • A long list of photo resources
  • Printable planners


Why We Loved It:

There’s no denying that images sell and Karen has made it SO EASY to create a visual marketing strategy for your business.

She walks you through every step of the process, from all the different types of visual content to detailing what your brand stands for.

Her book covers product photography, banners, testimonial images, brand messages, and even the images on your site itself.  Oh, and lots more!

After working through this book, you will have created highly sharable images that not only look professional but that people instantly recognize as ‘yours’.  But more than that, you’ll have an action plan of how to use those images to get people aligned with your business and ready to come to you this holiday season for their shopping.

The best part?  You can create these images using free technology and just a few simple techniques!  Thank you, Karen!!

Check out more about the workbook here (This site/resource is no longer available).


C&T Trees: 4 out of 5!

C&T Tree Rating - 4 out of 5


P.S. If you get the C&T email updates, make sure to keep an eye out for today’s email… Karen is offering our email subscribers an extra-special deal…

{Disclaimer: C&T is an affiliate of this product. We give honest reviews and only recommend stuff we think is genuinely useful and practical.}

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