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WIN a Silver or Gold Membership to the New Create & Thrive E-Course: SHIFT





On September 1st, the new Create & Thrive e-course – SHIFT – kicks off!

I’m so excited about this course – I’ve been thinking about it for over a year now. But it was only recently that it all came together in my mind, and now it’s ready for you!

I’ve envisioned it as kind of a ‘next step’ course after Set Up Shop. Not that it’s necessary to have taken Set Up Shop to do SHIFT – rather, it’s for those who are at the ‘next level up’ in their businesses.

When you’ve been in business for a while, you face a whole different set of challenges from beginner entrepreneurs.

  • Rather than setting up your brand and website… you might realise that the ones you have aren’t clearly reflecting your business any more.
  • You might be realising that it’s time to share the load and get help in some way, but you’re not sure how.
  • You need to get smarter with your use of social media because you’re just too busy to keep up.
  • You need to re-examine what you’re offering and decide if you’re still going in the right direction for where you want to be.
  • You need to overhaul your time management strategies.

These common roadblocks - and many, many more – are covered in SHIFT. I’ve drawn upon all the lessons, problems, successes and issues that I’ve personally encountered in my last 6 years running Epheriell (almost 5 of those running it full-time) to create a course that takes you on a 30-day virtual roadtrip from where you are to where you want your business to be.

And if you’re unclear on the ‘where you want to be part’? SHIFT will help you figure that out, too. The aim is to take you on a journey that addresses all the things that are so very easy to neglect when you’re so busy working ‘in’ the business. This course will get you working ‘on’ the business again – which is a crucial component of becoming successful and staying that way.

When I first launched Set Up Shop, I ran a competition to give away a spot – and it was fantastic! I got to hear from so many of you – telling us your stories, your challenges, and your dreams.

So – I decided to do the same thing for SHIFT!

This week, I’m giving away TWO Memberships: one Silver Membership and one Gold Membership

(To find out what each level of membership gives you, pop on over to the SHIFT page here.)



 To Enter

1. To be eligible to win the Gold Membership, write a comment below, answering the question: Where do I need to make a shift in my business?

2. To be eligible to win the Silver Membership, share this giveaway on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus or Pinterest), using the tag #WinSHIFT, then leave a comment below telling me which social media you’ve shared it on. You can combine the two comments in one. You get one entry per social media you share on. There are sharing buttons at the end of this post for everything but Instagram to make this super-easy!



Entries are open world-wide, and close Sunday the 24th of August at 6pm AEST (that’s Australian Eastern Standard Time). The Silver winner will be chosen using, but I will choose the Gold winner personally, based on your answer to the question above.

Good luck!

Ask the Makers – How Did You Take Your Business Up a Gear?

Lisa’s Answer:

This year, I created an If I Could Not Fail, I Would … list in which I listed all of the things I would do right now if I knew I could not fail. To be completely honest with you, I was only putting it out there to demonstrate how fun the blog topic was. But in response to the article, one of my previous clients said:

“You should do those things on your list even if you might fail at one or two.”

And she was absolutely right. In only a short few months, I’ve gone on to honor the deeper connection I was truly craving in that list by organizing a women’s creative retreat and focusing all of my efforts on group coaching dreamy clients.

After only a few adjustments in the focus of my career (inspired by the list), I’m not only doing the most meaningful work of my life, I’m also earning more than ever before.

Stacie’s Answer:

This has been a leveling year for my business. We have not seen the growth that we were hoping for, but are still profitable. It has been harder this year to grow our sales, but that means that we just have to get creative and begin approaching our business a bit differently.

Danielle’s Answer:

Because this year was sort of a whirlwind – and is just now settling down – I have been trying to foci my efforts on smaller things – like being more intentional about social media and things like that. So far it’s going pretty well – in the sense that I seem to be reaching more people – and I feel like things are improving. It was a simple idea but it’s not really my specialty so it’s a slow process for me. Still learning!

Megan’s Answer:

This year I decided to focus on wholesale to take my business up a gear. I wrote all about how I added 15 shops to my wholesale list last month. It’s been a real game-changer for my business and has enabled me to feel a lot more professional about my business.

Eleanor’s Answer:

This year I’m doing two and a half things, really. I’m finally upgrading my aging, breaking e-commerce platform, which I wrote about here: Proof of Concept Planning. It’s a painful, painstaking process which kind of requires almost everything else go on hold but really necessary. This process has forced me to do the second thing I’ve needed to do for awhile: hire help. Luckily I’ve dug deep into Odesk (If you want to know how I did it, you can find my post HERE.) and found some good people and I am just beginning to see what’s possible and wishing I’d done it sooner. The final ‘half’ thing I’ve done is switch to a project management/collaboration tool called Asana’, I was a Basecamp fan and advocate (and still do love a lot of the work and products from 37 signals) but Asana is pretty amazing and the free version is just about fully functional for a business of 15 or less people. You can read all about why I love Asana HERE.

What about you? How have you taken your business up a gear?

Monday Viewing: Joshua Klein – Invest in Your Network

Joshua Klein – Invest in Your Network and Your Network Will Invest in You from 99U

So many of us aren’t utilizing or monetizing our network to the best of our abilities. This video from Joshua will help you realize just how important your network is and how they can help you.

How will you change how you interact with your network now?

~ Megan

C&T Recommended Reads ~ Week 33, 2014

From Megan:

From Jess:




How I Got 15 New Wholesale Accounts Last Month

This year my main goal was to up my game in the wholesale area and after months of work, I can say that I successfully landed 15 new wholesale accounts last month.

Wholesale shop accounts can really take your business up a gear and that’s why I wanted to share what I did so that you can take some of the same steps.

  1. I got my shop in order. I made sure I was telling a cohesive story in every section of my shop. I cleaned out items that weren’t selling well and added new items to fill those holes.
  2. I polished my line sheet. I also updated my terms and conditions and made the file super easy to email to shops via Dropbox.
  3. I re-shot my product photography so that it was consistent across the board and showed the product both in use, in its packaging, and just alone. This helps the shop owner see how they’ll display it and see if their customers would like your work.
  4. I rewrote my email pitch to focus on what my customers have been telling me. So instead of saying how my kits are made, I tell them that they have everything their customers need and thus they don’t have to run to the craft store. I say that they’re good for beginners but experienced embroiderers love them too. Anything that will help the shop owner see if it aligns with their own customer. This pitch also gives them verbal fodder for how to sell the kits in their shop.
  5. I made a list of shops to contact and slowly made my way through it day by day. Google search is the best way to find shops. Or if you travel, pick up local magazines and shopping guides at the airport.
  6. I attended two small wholesale shows this summer. That alone got me about 6 new shop accounts and now I’m on the list for another 15 shops for the holiday buying period.

Wholesale is a long game so don’t get discouraged. It takes a lot of time to see results but the sooner you start, the better. Plus, wholesale accounts are not a one-time sale. You get to restock them again and again and again!

What have you been doing lately to increase your wholesale shop count?


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